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The Security Of The Network - 978 Words

As a distributed system with a number of nodes working together, a Big data cluster relies on the interconnect to communicate between Data Nodes and Name Nodes. The system also needs to extract data from data sources via the network. Thus, the security of the network is critical to the Big data system. The threats relevant to the network include DNS spoofing, eavesdropping attack and Denial-of-Service attacks, Man-In-the-Middle attacks, etc. In the next section, we will focus on two types of network securities and propose the solutions to these issues: One is the security of interconnect, the other is the security of external network connections. III. Security and Privacy Solutions of Big Data As Big data is usually a complex system with Petabytes or more data stored and processed, there is never a single mechanism which can resolve all the security issues. We also need to make a balance between security and cost. In addition, the affect to the performance and usability also need to be taken into consideration. A. Solutions to the unauthorized data access problem The data in Big data system usually contains privacy of many users, therefore it must be protected from malicious from attackers. A commonly used data protection approach is data encryption. A symmetric encryption algorithm is more appropriate than public key algorithm, as symmetric encryption is much faster than the public key encryption. The data needs to be encrypted when it is loaded into the BigShow MoreRelatedNetwork Security And Security774 Words   |  4 Pagesbring the network up to current security standards. Attempts to breach networks are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to defend against, as more powerful hardware is introduced and new security defenses become available leaving older measures unreliable. Aging networks that are improperly secured are more at risk than ever. It is not only important to ensure you have the proper defense at the perimeter but also internally on wired and wireless infrastruct ure. When considering network securityRead MoreNetwork Security And The Security934 Words   |  4 PagesHospital Network Security With a multitude of changes occurring in the technology field, it is critical that hospitals maintain the highest levels of security for their internal network as well as their public access network. Hospitals contain vital information about patients, treatment styles, employees and staff, as well as pharmaceuticals that are kept on the premises. The importance of protecting this information cannot be understated and a breach in security could cause a breakdown inRead MoreNetwork Security And The Network1818 Words   |  8 Pages Abstract Network security is a broad term used to refer to processes and procedures that are configured by a company’s network administrator to provide visibility and prevent denial of service, unauthorized access, modification and exploitation of the corporate network or respective resources. The resources refer to files or computer programs available on the corporate network infrastructure. The infrastructure comprise of corporate software and hardware resources that facilitate communicationRead MoreNetwork Security664 Words   |  3 Pagesencompasses the network solution and security considerations is a major consideration for your company. Considering that the company will be expanding from one (1) floor to three (3) floors in the very near future you, as the CIO, are responsible for the design of the infrastructure and security protocols. You have been tasked with designing a network that is stable, redundant, and scalable. In addition, speed and reliability are important conside rations. Assumptions should be drawn regarding network usageRead MoreThe Security Of A Network984 Words   |  4 Pagesare many threats today that can compromise the security of a network. Network security is now more important as ever as attacks on networks that hold valuable information are being breached, even with security measures put in place. One of the biggest threats to a network is data theft. Outside hackers pose the greatest threat. These thieves target a company’s network and steal information through vulnerabilities that they have found in their networks. They usually gain access through the use of aRead MoreNetwork Security1567 Words   |  7 PagesABSTRACT : This paper describes the basic threats to the network security and the basic issues of interest for designing a secure network. it describes the important aspects of network security. A secure network is one which is free of unauthorized entries and hackers INTRODUCTION Over the past few years, Internet-enabled business, or e-business, has drastically improved efficiency and revenue growth. E-business applications such as e-commerce, supply-chain management, and remoteRead MoreNetwork Security958 Words   |  4 PagesNetwork Security When it comes to networking and the security of networks, there are several different methods of protecting networks. Of these differing methods, some of them sound similar, but provide differing levels of security. In the following paragraphs, I will try to explain the differences between some of the methods used. †¢ Explain the difference between historical and statistical logging. Logging is a simple way of keeping a record of activity on a network. There are several typesRead MoreThe Security Of Network Security And Web Security701 Words   |  3 PagesThe network security professionals across the globe have provided details about the attacks so that the security software can be improved, however there are some shortcuts that can improve the security for the time being or if the web host has a difficulty in procuring modern security software, these techniques can help the web host to increase the security of both the web server and clients that are connected to the web server. The CRIME and BREACH attack both target compression that is eitherRead MoreNetwork Security : Information Security1276 Words   |  6 Pages CIS647-NETWORK SYSTEMS COMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY Prof : Philip Fitzpatrick By: Suresh Palleboina (21063613) COMPUTER NETWORK SECURITY Introduction: Computer network Security is the most essential and complex topic in IT field. It is important that all user must have an awareness about computer network security. Internet is a biggest network in the world which connects all computer devices in the world. In our daily life millions of people communication each other by using internetRead MoreNetwork Security And Security Assessment1194 Words   |  5 PagesNetwork Security Assessment Network Security is a very dynamic and technical field dealing with all aspects of scanning, hacking and securing systems against intrusion. It is more than just encrypting user data, virtual private networks or installing firewalls. Network security consists of the provision, policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources (Xie, 2013). Network

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Bipolar, A State Of Sadness, And Mania - 1313 Words

Shifts of moods and behaviors are normal but when exceeding the time frame of when those shifts last it can cause a disorder. A disorder known as Bipolar. Bipolar is concluded to be alternating periods of depression and mania. Depression, being, a state of sadness, and mania, a state of high energy in which a person seems capable of taking over the world. These symptoms of bipolar ultimately lead to the question of what causes people to be in depressed or manic. Can a time of mania ultimately cause a person to act in a criminal way and be the link to becoming a criminal? As well as already being labeled a â€Å"criminal† in the government system but have the disorder and not being able to reverse the label. Other mood disorders can have an impact of the prevalence of having bipolar in adulthood, while being an adolescent. Disorders like these occur in special regions of the brain, and therefore, the structure of the brain is involved with distinguishing such disorders. In more depth, research has been done to find the linkage of criminal offending, early risk factors for adolescence, and brain structure within like disorders. People have the ability to become criminals voluntarily, but having such a disorder, like bipolar, can unjust the significance of become one, involuntarily. In a research by Elizabeth Daff and Stuart D. M. Thomas, titled, Bipolar disorder and criminal offending: a data linkage study, summarizes how bipolar can induce a higher risk of being inShow MoreRelatedBipolar Disorder ( Bipolar )1447 Words   |  6 Pages Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness in which common emotions become intensely and often unpredictably magnified. Individuals with bipolar disorder can quickly swing from extremes of happiness, energy and clarity to sadness, fatigue and confusion. Bipolar disorder more commonly develops in older teenagers and young adults; it can appear in children as 6. The exact cause of bipolar disorder is unknown; there are two types of this disease: Types of the bipolar disorder: People with bipolarRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1285 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar Disorder This paper will contain information on what bipolar disorder in early and late adolescence is, causes and symptoms, medical along with therapeutic interventions and how important it really is to get treatment. Bipolar disorder is a disease that affects approximately 2.6% Americans in the United States in a given year. There is limited data on the rate of bipolar in adolescents, although, it does tend to affect older teens more often and may be related to substance abuse. A lotRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder1642 Words   |  7 Pagescan affect their lives. Bipolar disorder is a serious illness that causes the brain to shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels like excited for new change and became emotional suddenly. Most people think it is normal to have the moods, but they are different that everybody is having hard time to control it. Imagine a man who been together with his wife for 40 years and she suddenly died which it is part of the life because no one can live forever. He must feeling sadness, having low self-esteemRead MoreEssay on Bi polar disorder1550 Words   |  7 Pages Bipolar affective disorder has been a mystery since the 16th century. History ha s shown that this disorder can appear in almost anyone. Even the great painter Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have had bipolar disorder. It is clear that in our society many people live with bipolar disorder, however, despite the amount of people suffering from it, we are still waiting for explanations for the causes and cure. The one fact of which we are aware is that bipolar disorder severely undermines its victimsRead MorePsychological Disorder740 Words   |  3 PagesWhat people consider a violation of norms can be affected by culture diversity; often culturally relative, understood by the culture in which it occurs (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2010). Depression is a major problem in the United States; More than one in 20 Americans 12 years of age and older had current depression. In any two-week period, 5.4% of Americans 12 years of age and older experienced depression. Rates were higher in 40–59 year-olds, women, and non-Hispanic Black personsRead MoreExplaining Depression Essay example608 Words   |  3 PagesDepression Among the many mental diseases, bipolar disorder has recently exploded onto our society and still seems to challenge our medical professions. Bipolar disorder has manipulated over 2 million Americans at one point in time or another in their lives (2). It is quickly becoming a recognized disease and is treated very seriously in today’s society. There are two types of the bipolar disorder. In the type 1 of the bipolar disorder, which is also the most severe, individualsRead MoreFinal Paper - Bipolar Disorder1202 Words   |  5 PagesBipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder also known as manic depression. It is described as a category of mood disorders. Mood disorders are defined by the presence of one or more episodes known as mania and hypomania. Bipolar disorder affects about five million Americans, about 3 out of every 100 adults. This disorder had been found equally in men and women. The signs and symptoms of major depressive episode are feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, isolationRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1323 Words   |  6 Pagestold you suffered from a Bipolar Disorder, would you know what that meant? Bipolar disorders affect about three million people a year. Here is some background information on the different types of bipolar disorders, the possible symptoms, along with some treatment options. While bipolar disorders are not curable, they are treatable. Steve Bressert states, â€Å"Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder that is characterized by constantly changing moods between depression and mania. The mood swings are significantRead MoreBipolar Dissorder: A Brief Summary Essay1724 Words   |  7 PagesThe event of bipolar disorder has been a mystery since the 16th century. Records have shown that this problem can appear in almost anyone. It is clear that in our social world many people live with bipolar disorder. Regardless of the number of people suffering from the disease, we are still waiting for an explanation regarding the causes and cure. One fact of which we are aware, is that bipolar disorder severely undermines its’ victims ability to obtain and maintain social and occupational successRead MoreDiagnosing the Bipolar Disorders Essay1289 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar disorder, or manic-depressive disorder, is a disorder characterized by extreme mood changes. A person suffering from this disorder can go from being en ergetic and outgoing to feeling worthless and irritated anywhere between a few days to a couple of months, or even years. Diagnosis, treatment, and the dramatic changes cause a threat to the victim. People with bipolar disorder may try to kill themselves or engage in reckless behaviors depending on which stage they are in (Hassel et al 2009

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Question: Discuss About The Present An Evaluation Of Case Of Woolworths? Answer: Introduction The Woolworths Limited is recognized to be largest Australian company that has its operations in various sectors such as supermarkets, liquor stores, petrol, poker machines and finance. The company is regarded to be the second largest company in terms of revenue in Australia. It has largest takeaway liquor retail outlets and gaming poker machine operators in Australia. The super marketing giant Woolworths is realizing largest share of its revenue from its poker machines that are mainly concentrated in low-income areas. The company is known to operate about 6 per cent of the electronic gaming machines of Australia (Yocam and Choi, 2010). However, there have been several campaigns in Australia recently demanding a ban on poker machines of the company operating in clubs and hotels as they are mainly targeting disadvantaged people (Peatling, 2012). As such, the present report aims to present an evaluation whether Woolworths should contribute operate gaming machines in the country by supp orting the arguments from agency and stakeholder theory from the perspective of a business consultant. At last, the board presents recommendation on whether Woolworths should continue operating gaming machines. Evaluation of whether Woolworths to continue operate gaming machines in Australia Woolworths Gaming Machines in Australia Australia is known to have most poker machines than any other country in the world and on average Australians is estimated to loss about A$11 billion on poker machines in clubs and hotels. The Australians are regarded to lose more on gambling as compared to any other nation such as the United States and New Zealand. The increase in gambling related problems of Australians is putting pressure on the government of the country to ban the poker machines. There has been several media articles published demanding a ban on the poker machines as it is killing on an average an Australian in a day. The retail giant of Australia Woolworths is recognized to operate about 5594 poker machines in about 93 hotels or clubs that provides the company approximately annual revenue of $835 million. The company operates its gaming machines in low-income areas such as Brimbank, Hume, Monash and Wyndham. Thus, the retail giant earning heavy revenues from countrys poorest regions through operating poker machi nes is being heavily criticized by the media (Knox, 2015). Evaluation of Woolworths to continue operate gaming machines in Australia or not by supporting from Agency and Stakeholder Theory Woolworths is presently having the recognition of biggest poker machine owner in Australia that is in contradiction to its socially responsible company image and thus can negatively impact its growth and development in the long-term. The poker machines of the company provide it revenue of about $300 million from its pubs and clubs in areas with low average incomes. The media articles in Australia are emphasizing on the fact that gaming machines owned by the company are mainly targeting poor people of the country. Thus, local government is now putting cap on the number of poking machines being provided by the offer of pubs and clubs in country. The Woolworths is being heavily criticized by the media as people are not able to purchase food and groceries at its store due to their money lost on its poker machine (Hatch and Low, 2016). In addition to this, the companys owned poker machines are mainly located in the poorest regions and thus targeting mainly disadvantaged people. This is be cause living close to pokies venue drive poor sections more to gamble and thus impacting their lives largely. Therefore, more pressure is put on Woolworths to stop its contribution in operation of poker machines for securing low-income people from gambling problems (Peatling, 2012). In this context, agency theory can help in resolving problems that arise due to contradictions between the goal and desires of the principal and agent. As such, the company is presently facing dilemma of continuing its investment in poker machine sector as it realizes largest proportion of its income from the respective sector. The agency theory can help the company executives to take a better decision in the present situation in support of its shareholders (Solomon. 2007). The company can face conflict in the present situation between the company executives and shareholders to continue its operations in the poker machine sector or not. This is because company executives may plan to divest its operations in the poker machine sector for achieving long-term growth while its shareholders for achieving higher profit can intend to invest more in the gaming sector (Knox, 2015). Thus, as such agency theory can help the company to handle the situation regarding different conflict of interest between the company executives and its shareholders. The problem mainly can arise in the Woolworths in the present situation due to issue with incentives. The problem can be resolved as per the agency theory in Woolworths by reforming the compensation structure. As per the agency theory, the company executives should sacrifice their own self-interest against the shareholders benefit. Thus, the company executives should act responsibly towards the shareholders by paying them higher dividends even if it negatively impacts their own profitability (Yocam and Choi, 2010). The media articles published in Australia demands Woolworths to appeal to every person in the country to avoid gambling. The Woolworths is thus facing major risk factor if it continues to operate in the pokies sector as it can negatively impact its profitability and growth in the long-term. The company can im plement the agency theory proposition for successfully divesting its business operations in the gaming machine sector. The company executives must take decision that promotes the sustainable growth of the company by sacrificing their own profitability and acting in favor of the shareholders. The executives should aim to realize complete support from its shareholders for achieving success in its major decision of divesting from the pokies machine sector (Knox, 2015). In addition to this, the stakeholder theory can also help the company to take decision relating to its operation in the gaming machine sector. The stakeholder theory seeks to address morals and values related to the management of an organization. As per the stakeholder theory, the company owns huge responsibility towards all its stakeholders such as government and local communities other than only shareholders. The companys stakeholders include all those people that are impacted by the business actions in either way (Solomon. 2007). Therefore, as stated by the stakeholders theory Woolworths should restrict itself from the activities or actions that negatively impact its stakeholder interests. The gaming machine sector of the company is having a negative impact on the well-being of the people living in low-income areas. Thus, as per the stakeholder theory the company should not continue its operations in the gaming machine sector for supporting the well-being of its stakeholders (Sing leton et al., 2012). The stakeholder theory emphasizes on conducting the operations of a business organization in an ethical way. It is important for a business organization to promote its sustainable growth and development by effectively meeting the diverse needs and demands of its stakeholders (Solomon. 2007). This need to be recognized by Woolworths as it has maintained and promotes its socially responsible image to its various stakeholders and thus has to conduct its operations morally and ethically. The poker machines of the company are mainly concentrated in the poorest suburbs thus driving the weaker sections of the society towards gambling and thus affecting their life. The heavy losses suffered by the gamblers due to poker machines are impacting the quality of their life. Thus, the company has to act strictly in this direction to reduce the losses suffered by the low-income areas from the gambling problems. The company should determine the limits for the gamblers before they start playing to red uce the monetary loss suffered by them at the initial stage. The company should strive to invest in other profitable sectors thereby to continue its present profitability and then should eventually withdraw from the poker machines sector (Singleton et al., 2012). Recommendation On the basis of the above discussion, the Woolworths Limited is strongly recommended to divest its stake from the gaming machine sector of the country. As provided by the theory of agency and stakeholder, the continuing operations in the poker machines can provide short-term profitability to the company but eventually will negatively impacts its long-term growth and sustainability. The company at the initial stage should place a cap on the offers it provides on its pubs and clubs on the poker machines that drives low-income people from playing it and thus they become addicted to gambling. Also, it should determine a limit for the gamblers primarily before the game begins so that loss suffered by the people from gambling can be reduced. Also, the company should research other business segments where it can match its profitability from the poker machine sector so that it can divest its business segment of gaming machine easily (Too close to home: people who live near pokie venues at ri sk, 2013). The federal government is also actively involved on putting restrictions on the gambling activities after its drawbacks for the disadvantaged people has been published in various media articles of the country. The strong emphasis in the country to ban poker machines is causing a demand to Woolworths to adopt strong actions towards reducing the gambling activities from its gaming machine sector. As per the agency and stakeholder theory, the company is obliged to maximize the interest of its stakeholders that also include the people from the poorest suburbs where the poker machines owned by the company are located. Therefore, it should take strong actions towards upliftment of the people suffering from gambling problems caused by its poker machines. This can include participating in the campaigns seeking to promote awareness among the people about the gambling problems. The company is known from the past to provide fresh food to the people and thus should promote the necess ity f staying healthy by avoiding gambling activities (Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie demand federal reform of gambling laws, 2016). Conclusion Thus, it can be concluded from the overall report that Woolworths should not engage in business operations that are against its socially responsible image. The company is a leading retail giant of Australia that is recognized among the customers for providing fresh food through its food and groceries items. Though, it has invested in various business sectors such as petrol, liquor and gaming machines but it need to cat responsibly and ethically towards its customers for maintaining its goodwill in the market. The company should divest its stake in the poker machine sector as it is causing gambling problems among the poorest suburbs of the country. The poker machines are responsible for causing gambling addiction among the poorest sections of the society that is running the quality of their life. They are unable to purchase groceries and food from the supermarket due to the heavy losses suffered by them by the poker machines owned by the company. The Australian media has published var ious articles related to the need of putting cap on the gambling activities in the country by the federal government for minimizing the gambling related problems. The federal government is also acting strictly in this regard to save Australians from gambling activities. Therefore, continuing operations in the gaming machine sector by Woolworths can prove to be risky business and therefore it should divest its stake in this business sector. References Barrows, C. and Hing, N. 2012. Club Management Issues in Australia and North America. Routledge. Hatch, P. and Low, C. 2016. Poker machine reform raises stakes for Woolworths supermarket chain. [Online]. Available at: https://www.smh.com.au/business/retail/poker-machine-reform-raises-stakes-for-woolworths-supermarket-chain-20160721-gqb4qz.html [Accessed on: 10 August 2017]. Kingma. S.F. 2009. Global Gambling: Cultural Perspectives on Gambling Organizations. Routledge. Knox, M. 2015. Supermarket Monsters: The Price of Coles and Woolworths' Dominance. Black Inc. Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie demand federal reform of gambling laws. 2016. [Online]. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2016/jul/14/nick-xenophon-and-andrew-wilkie-demand-federal-reform-of-gambling-laws [Accessed on: 10 August 2017]. Peatling, S. 2012. Woolworths' pokies 'target low-earners. [Online]. Available at: https://www.smh.com.au/national/woolworths-pokies-target-lowearners-20120929-26sem.html [Accessed on: 10 August 2017]. Singleton, G. et al. 2012. Australian Politcal Institutions. Pearson Higher Education AU. Solomon. J. 2007. Corporate Governance and Account. John Wiley Sons. Too close to home: people who live near pokie venues at risk. 2013. [Online]. Available at: https://theconversation.com/too-close-to-home-people-who-live-near-pokie-venues-at-risk-20771 [Accessed on: 10 August 2017]. Yocam, E. and Choi, A. 2010. Corporate Governance: A Board Directors Pocket Guide: Leadership, Diligence, and Wisdom. IUniver

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Princess Diana Essays (305 words) - House Of Windsor,

Princess Diana Princess Diana was an exceptional leader. Diana worked as a kindergarten teacher in London until her engagement to Prince Charles was announced in February of 1981. She wed Prince Charles in an internationally televised ceremony on July 29, 1981. Almost immediately, "Shy Di" as she was initially called by the press, blossomed into the "people's Princess". Princess Diana contributed to society in so many ways; she would always go the extra mile to help people in need. While she became the president or patron for over 100 charities, there were many more that she raised funds and campaigned for. Diana was the busiest of the royal family. She was not just fulfilling a schedule or participating just for the adulation; she was a person of compassion expressing a genuine love for people. Princess Diana was spontaneous in ways, happily turning away from royal protocol to kiss a child in a crowd or writing letters to individuals of the public and signing them "love, Diana". Her leadership was truly remarkable because she made every effort to reach out to those that not everyone wanted to reach out to. Princess Diana could always be found walking with, hugging, really listening to those people in situations that some might help from a distance such as the sick, the elderly, those with aids, the homeless, the battered, the drug-addicted, people maimed by land mines. Princess Diana led the royal family out of a period of rapidly declining support from the people. Since her death, the royal family continues to make efforts in maintain the closeness with the people that the Princess had formed. They have learned much about leadership from the Princess and it is a legacy to her that the royal family practices what they have learned. In recognition of all her charity work, representatives of the charities with which Princess Diana had worked were asked to walk behind her coffin with her family the day of her funeral.

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Speech Communities

Speech Communities In the New Merriam-Webster Dictionary a speech community is defined as a socially distinct group that develops a dialect; a variety of language that diverges from the national language in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Gumperz, Dorian, Fishman, Labov, Hymes, and Corder helped define a speech community. This essay will touch on the basis of multiple aspects of a speech community depending on their similarities and differences as well as how the concepts of these speech communities relate to such articles written by Heller and Jackson.Speech communities are formed by language and social behaviors. Linguistics defines a speech community through many ways. All speech communities have a set of grammatical rules, phonology, syntax, and lexicons. As well as having social norms in which they share through actions. By a person's speech it can give an idea of a person's background in ways of where they are from, how educated one is, as well is if they are friendly or unsociable.Gohar Shahi delivering speech to Sikh Community in...Now linguistic acculturation explains the process when two or more cultures collide for a long time they begin assimilate each other's language. In the most extreme cases of language shifts, pidgins and creoles are developed. Besides linguistic acculturation, the situation of bilinguals, some abandon their native tongue for another. Other bilinguals have a language used within the home different from outside of the home. This mostly refers to dialectal behavior. The second concept is superposed. This occurs when there are different activities going on in the same group.Now Gumperz defines a speech community as "any human aggregate characterized by regular and frequent interaction by means of a shared body of verbal signs and set of from similar aggregates by significant differences in language use" (219). Gumperz feels as if people should share the same norm, communicate regularly, and share...

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A Little Bit of Truth Essay Essay Example for Free

A Little Bit of Truth Essay Essay ? For a week, six days in a row I went snowboarding. It was then that I thought where did the snow come from. At first I thought of â€Å"god† but of course there were no gods there are only spirits! So later on that day I thought of a weird and crazy Native American story. It had a little bit of truth with some personifications and a weird and crazy reason for why things were. So this is it. When the world was created the sheep said to their mother cow, â€Å"Why is there always rain we want something warmer†? The big, fat, and ugly mother cow snorted with her big partly abomination snout. Then she spoke with her vampire teeth that scared everyone including her (when she looked in the mirror). â€Å"You want something other than my humble and awesome rain†? she paused for a second thinking about her next statement, and then she finally said â€Å"OK I’ll give you snow† and now this is why sheep love snow. But this isn’t the end, yet there is more to come. Instead of being really mean the mother cow didn’t just punish her kid sheep, she created a short summer and fall and spring this was only because inside she had a pigs heart including the cows heart and that is why the snow melts and arrives. My theory is very reasonable and that is why you should believe in this also the wind god told me this while I was on the mountain. In conclusion my theory has truth and the wind got told me I wasn’t crazy, so you have to believe. A Little Bit of Truth Essay. (2016, Dec 09).

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Reduce Stress in Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reduce Stress in Life - Essay Example For each one of us, there are many things in our lives, which can cause stress on a daily basis. For example, not enough time in the day to deal with personal issues and work or needing to find another higher paying job to afford our endless bills ( www.helpguide.org, 2014). In my case, working full-time while attending school full-time, also being 9 months pregnant and not to mention the frustration of being the first time, mom. It is difficult to measure stress but some behaviors are associated with stress. These behaviors include lack or excessive sleep, eating disorders, substance abuse among others. The response to stress may vary from one person to the other. I deal with stressful situations by eating. This is combined with the fact that I am pregnant. This has resulted in gaining weight something I hope to deal with now that I have a child. Dealing with stress will involve taking some time off my school schedule and spend this time with family and friends. Hobbies are a way of reducing stress levels and I am working towards doing the things I love. This may include dance lessons or music lessons. This will also help me to reduce the weight I have gained. Everything is done in moderation and a little pressure often does better than harm. (Kaplowitz, 2012).However, I do not believe that a stress-free life is possible and realistic. Stress is a response to the challenges we face in life that occur around us and many of these challenges cannot be avoided.